Moonrakers Monday

Meet Moonrakers

Introducing Moonrakers, a co-operative and competitive deck-building game that takes you to the stars and asks, "can you become the most infamous pirate in the galaxy?"

Why the heck is an animation studio making a board game?

Well, our only answer is that we love board games and creating our own has been a lifelong dream for several of our team members. We’ve been working on this concept for about a year and we’re ready to start sharing about the upcoming kickstarter launch!

The game is called Moonrakers. If you’re lucky enough to play it, you and your friends will be taking to the stars as space pirates to compete for the coveted title of most infamous pirate in the galaxy.

At its core, Moonrakers is a co-op/competitive deck building game that focuses on building an awesome ship, negotiation, and maybe a bit of backstabbing. Each accomplished contract or objective will add to the players prestige, taking them one step closer to becoming the most legendary pirate captain this side of andromeda.

We'll share more about gameplay soon and we hope you will follow along with us as we prepare to launch our Kickstarter! You can sign up to get an email when we launch by using the form just below here. Keep up with e blog if you want to see a little behind-the-scenes look at making a tabletop game!

Coming to Kickstarter in 2019
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