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Moonrakers Board Game Lets You Manipulate and Negotiate Your Way to Power — DualSHOCKERS

"IV Studios has an interesting history to tell, starting as an animation studio but quickly branching out into personal projects in both the video game and tabletop space. According to IV Studios’ Harrison, “we have a lot of creative people on staff who really like making things and we try to use the studio as a way to funnel that creativity.”"

Why You Should Back Moonrakers — GAMEPUR

"Truth be told, you don't need to back Moonrakers, but you should. In less than 24 hours the game's Kickstarter blasted past its modest $40, 000 goal and is now sitting at 560% of its needed funding and climbing. It is one of those cathartic Kickstarter success stories for an exciting game project you love to see."