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Take your place amongst the stars
As infighting plagues the Moonrakers, the United Federation of Planets senses weakness. With certain destruction on the horizon, the outlaw faction’s only chance at maintaining sovereignty in the galaxy is to unite under a new leader. Only one question remains—will it be you?
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LEARN how to Play Moonrakers

Complete Contracts to earn Credits and Prestige

The first to 10 Prestige wins. Earn Credits to hire crew, build your ship, and complete objectives.

Negotiate Temporary Alliances

Completing difficult contracts might require you to negotiate short term alliances—and a split of their rewards.

Hire Your Crew

Crew get added to your deck and have special abilities that help you accomplish contracts.

Build Your ship

Use credits to purchase ship parts. Ship parts add cards to your deck and give your ship special abilities.

Countless winning strategies

Build an engine, thin your deck, play for combos. You'll find all the winning deck strategies you know and love in Moonrakers—plus a lot more.


First Edition

A game of shipbuilding, temporary
alliances, and shrewd negotiation.

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