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Titan Campaign
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Moonrakers Titan is currently live on Kickstarter!
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Early Backer Reward
One of Moonrakers' most-loved cards... now holographic

Back the Titan campaign within the first 48 hours to receive the Moro Mada holographic card and protective hard case for FREE. The card will be available to add to pledges after the first 48 hours for $5.

THe Galaxy is expanding
Introducing the Titan big box + 4 new expansions

More co-operation, more deck-building, more powerful ships, and more than a few secrets yet to be revealed. The Moonrakers Titan campaign introduces 4 new ways to enjoy the Moonrakers universe.

Contracts and icons from the Moonrakers Binding Ties expansion.
More reasons to work together, and more rewards when you do.

Binding Ties takes negotiation to the next level through the introduction of faction reputation. Now, when you successfully complete a contract with other players, you earn reputation with the player's faction. Reputation can then be spent on bonus actions, cards, credits, or even prestige. Binding ties adds a lot of structure and undeniable benefits to the negotiation system, encouraging even the most individualistic players to help out on contracts.

Double the deck-building, double the fun.

Overload supercharges the deck-building mechanics of Moonrakers. Overload DOUBLES the amount of crew and ship parts in the game, while also introducing completely new mechanics. There's new contract types, advanced action cards, and new tokens called IOspheres. Overload increases deck control, combo possibilities, and overall power of your decks.

Action, Crew, Ship Parts, and Contract cards from the Moonrakers Overload expansion.
Event deck cards from the Moonrakers Noman expansion.
Bend the galaxy to your will.

Nomad reinvents the contract system to ensure players can always find contracts that suit their ship. Through the introduction of a navigation board, players can travel around the galaxy to sectors that suit their abilities. Nomad also introduces global events to the game, which can have isolated effects or change entire rules. It's an expansion that has the capability to make you feel like you're playing a whole new game, in all the best ways.

Codename: Luminor

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