COMING TO PC & MAC on July 15th and steam July 23rd
Introducing Luminor
An entirely new way to play Moonrakers

Luminor is a digital co-op expansion designed for 1-5 players and gives you a totally new way to play Moonrakers. You and your friends will adventure across a procedurally generated map, attempt multi-tiered narrative driven contracts, build up your ships, hire crew, and face off against a Utopian Alliance General.

All you’ll need to play Luminor is a copy of the base game of Moonrakers. And of course… Luminor will be compatible with nearly all of the expansions releasing in the Titan Campaign on July 19th!

Required for play
Moonrakers: Luminor is a hybrid physical/digital experience and requires the Moonrakers base game to play

Luminor is also compatible with select Moonrakers expansions. The more physical Moonrakers content you have, the more content will be unlocked in Luminor.

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Download Moonrakers Luminor on beginning July 15th and Steam beginning July 23rd.

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